About Your Trainer - Bryen Pinkard

Bryen Pinkard overlooking Louisville, Kentucky from Glassworks rooftopMy name is Bryen and I would like to welcome you to 21-DaysLater.com. I am a Personal Trainer based out of Louisville, Kentucky who is classically trained from the American Fitness Training of Athletics Certification. I worked at Urban Active Fitness Club for a short stint doing personal training for about 30 clients in 2009, and then decided to branch out on my own.

I started www.bryensbootcamp.com in the summer of 2010 on a very small scale. In that same summer of 2010 while training my clients, I decided to embark on a journey. Admittedly, I have struggled with my diet in the past and it is definitely one of my vices. I always tell my clients when I first start training them that they will have to make some sacrifices in order to get where they want to be. I also tell them that they are going to have to keep steady with what they are doing in order to see progress each week. So while training my clients I noticed the trend of trainers merely "telling" people what to do and how to eat instead of putting their own bodies through it. I am not a "do as I say... but not as I do" type of trainer. I am a trainer that wants you to succeed in life, at work, and especially with your health and fitness.

So to show my clients what discipline truly means, I had my nutritionist, Chaun Williams, put together a plan for me that was NO NONSENSE, and I did this plan for 21 days. No cheating. Followed the plan to a tee. The plan was BRUTAL. Chaun’s version of the cleanse was intense - way too intense for mass distribution (even though I enjoyed it), so I worked with him and collaborated some different ideas from various areas and leaned from other experts in order to create a plan that would be great for everyone regardless of age, weight, height, shape, or ethnicity.

You will see in the various photos that the 21 Days Later plans cross all of those different classifications and backgrounds. That means that these plans are for EVERYONE. We started with the 21 Day Cleanse, but then once we realized how big of a hit it was, we expanded to the 21 Day RIP and the 21 Day Beginner, and are currently testing out the 21 Day Vegan. All of these plans are excellent regardless of your goals. We welcome you to try any of our plans and enjoy the benefits of making healthy changes in your life. We'll help you get there 21 days at a time.


Day 1

Bryen Pinkard before 21 Day Cleanse

As you can tell, I was not very enthused to embark on this journey. No one wants to work on their weaknesses, which is why you always see guys in the gym with huge bellies lifting 300 pounds on bench. Naturally, people usually only want to work on what makes them feel the best.

Day 15

Bryen Pinkard on day 15 of the 21 Day Cleanse

As you can probably see, my body started to change. I am a bit more vascular with more definition in my abdominals as well as my shoulders and arms. This is right about the time where I was starting to hate my life, but fall in love with how my body was shifting into line with what I was trying to accomplish from the first day. That is the thing about fitness: It is a trade-off. You sacrifice certain things so you can enjoy others.

Day 21 - Proven Results

Bryen Pinkard after completing the 21 Day CleanseAs you can see, the overall results are exactly what I was looking for. Upper abs, lower abs, and the internal and external obliques showing. Biceps brachii and forearms distinguished, trapezius muscle well-defined.

This is what you should be willing to do if you are serious about fitness. Start by setting your goal. Mine was to get ripped in 21 days with a strenuous workout routine and a healthy cleanse. This is not the traditional cleanse that makes you starve yourself. NO. If that is what you are looking for, then you need to look elsewhere. The 21 Day Cleanse meal plan is well-balanced, and if you use your daily energy requirements for the duration, you should see great results. If you couple that with a workout routine, you will DEFINITELY see results!

Your change doesn't have to be as extreme as the 21 Day Cleanse, but if you are looking to take your fitness to the next level, get out of your comfort zone!

The 21 Day Cleanse is our starter program, and is available for cheaper than a month's gym membership. So instead of going to McDonald's, Qdoba, or Chipotle and spending that money on the dollar menu with your significant other, get on the fast track with my 21 Day Programs and get closer to the life and the body that you have always wanted and dreamed of. Now is your future. Make it count.

If I put myself through this and got these results, what can 21 Days Later do for you?

I lost 29 pounds in 3 weeks and I have also kept if off and I am working on losing more! Your program is AMAZING - I think you have found some special magic formula.


I'm mortified by my before pictures... but proud of my results, so I'm willing to put myself out there to show that this more than WORKS! I recommend the 21 Day Cleanse to EVERYONE!


I've been working out muscles I never even knew I had! The numbers have been shrinking on my scale and I'm in the process of starting a new wardrobe since my previous clothes are now all too baggy!


I love you but my bank account hates you now that I have to buy all these new clothes. Thanks and no thanks lol.


I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel TERRIFIC! Seriously. My body feels, for lack of better word, cleansed. I actually feel healthier, my energy levels are high and my focus is much better. I'm thinking more clearly and I’m effin happy!


The program was a definite challenge! I even had a guy friend join me one day and he could not keep up!! It will definitely "kick your butt" into shape! I will say I am happy with the results and will continue to use this as a part of my exercise routine!


The 21 Day RIP Plan works! The hard work put in will show results.


21 Day RIP results: I lost 3% body fat (went from 12% to 9.4%) and from 196 pounds to 193.4. The workout was legit but that diet about killed me. It was so worth it.


The mirror was my friend during all of this, and with people at the gym asking me what I was doing and how I was doing it, well, that didn't hurt either. I strongly recommend any of the 21 Days Later programs!


I was trying to get in shape for my friend's wedding and needed help with my arms and abs. I would usually just run 6 miles and get the same results. The 21 Day RIP toned my arms amazingly. These are by far the hardest workouts I have done before but the results are so worth it. Thank you again!


Start date 1/11 175 lbs 8.5% body fat. End date 2/11 181 lbs 6.2% body fat. The 21 Day RIP plan works. The hard work put in will show results.