The 21 Day Beginner

Get Off the Couch and Back Into the Gym

The principle of the 21 Day Beginner is to get people off of the couch and back into the gym. The plans are simple in nature, but progressively difficult. The program is not too difficult to start, but not so simple that you can breeze through the workouts.

Made for the person who has not been working out for that long, or has maybe taken over a year off in their weight training program. This is a great way to re-dedicate your life to becoming healthier. The workouts will cover all major muscle groups in different ways throughout the 21 days.

For the best results, you should limit your consumption of alcohol, coffee, and other stimulants, but that is left to your discretion.

Before the 21 Day Beginner

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Results - 21 Days Later

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What will I feel like during the 21 Day Beginner?

Your body will feel extremely sore the first week, and by the 2nd week your body will adjust a bit, but you will start to feel challenged and energized by the workouts. This plan will take you from dreading your workouts to looking forward to them.

Who are the typical expected results for the 21 Day Beginner?

For you to become more active, healthier, and get a great start to your strength training program. Numbers are not always the end goal for being healthy, but getting off the couch and back into the gym and into a routine is the measure of success for this plan. We want to change your habits. Starting this plan will help you trim back that holiday fat or get you into a good rhythm for weight loss.


Will I need a gym for the 21 Day Beginner?

Yes, you will need a gym, or a place to exercise with a good amount of equipment.

I'm thirsty. How much water can I drink?

Drink as much as you'd like.


What about coffee?

Coffee is of course calories that you will need to incorporate into your plan. FOR THE BEST RESULTS... skip it.

I'm supposed to go out. What about alcohol?

FOR THE BEST RESULTS, pass on alcohol for the 21 days, or drink completely in moderation. I have told previous 21 Day Beginner clients to try to limit their drinking to one night a week and to just have a couple of social drinks. Never drink to get drunk during the 21 days.


I have allergies. Can I still do the 21 Day Beginner?

Contact us with any allergy concerns and for any substitutions that you may need prior to starting the plan. Expect a turnaround time of 24 - 48 hours for a response.

How do I redeem my Coupon Code?

After purchasing your program, complete our Contact Form including your full name and email address used to purchase the program, Coupon Code, and a Message stating that you purchased the program and would like to redeem the Coupon. The amount of the coupon will be refunded to you via your same method of payment.

Vote for this month's winner!

The voting process will begin on day one and last until day 29 of each month. The contestants eligible for voting will be 5 clients chosen from the previous month who have completed their program & followed all photo submission guidelines with the best results, as judged by 21-DaysLater. For example, if you complete one of the programs in January, you will be in the running during February to be selected for voting. You must submit your before and after photos by the 29th of the month of completion so that voting can begin on the first of the following month.

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I lost 29 pounds in 3 weeks and I have also kept if off and I am working on losing more! Your program is AMAZING - I think you have found some special magic formula.


I'm mortified by my before pictures... but proud of my results, so I'm willing to put myself out there to show that this more than WORKS! I recommend the 21 Day Cleanse to EVERYONE!


I've been working out muscles I never even knew I had! The numbers have been shrinking on my scale and I'm in the process of starting a new wardrobe since my previous clothes are now all too baggy!


I love you but my bank account hates you now that I have to buy all these new clothes. Thanks and no thanks lol.


I feel happy, I feel healthy, I feel TERRIFIC! Seriously. My body feels, for lack of better word, cleansed. I actually feel healthier, my energy levels are high and my focus is much better. I'm thinking more clearly and I’m effin happy!


The program was a definite challenge! I even had a guy friend join me one day and he could not keep up!! It will definitely "kick your butt" into shape! I will say I am happy with the results and will continue to use this as a part of my exercise routine!


The 21 Day RIP Plan works! The hard work put in will show results.


21 Day RIP results: I lost 3% body fat (went from 12% to 9.4%) and from 196 pounds to 193.4. The workout was legit but that diet about killed me. It was so worth it.


The mirror was my friend during all of this, and with people at the gym asking me what I was doing and how I was doing it, well, that didn't hurt either. I strongly recommend any of the 21 Days Later programs!


I was trying to get in shape for my friend's wedding and needed help with my arms and abs. I would usually just run 6 miles and get the same results. The 21 Day RIP toned my arms amazingly. These are by far the hardest workouts I have done before but the results are so worth it. Thank you again!


Start date 1/11 175 lbs 8.5% body fat. End date 2/11 181 lbs 6.2% body fat. The 21 Day RIP plan works. The hard work put in will show results.