The 21 Day Vegan

Eating Clean Without Eating Meat

This plan is about the utilization of primarily vegan/vegetarian principles. Note that the plan says “vegan-friendly,” so it is not 100% vegan, but is designed for the vegan/vegetarian at heart who wants to do one of the plans, but doesn’t believe in digesting animal proteins.

DeMarcus - Before the 21 Day Vegan


DeMarcus - After the 21 Day Vegan


So. After the Vegan, I got to 197lbs, which is a huge difference from the 112 I originally started at. The only hard part was really the first couple days and irritation of not eating big meals. But it worked out and now I'm good. I think there's no diet or cleanse that works effectively if the person goes back to the same nonsense and portion sizes. For me, a lot of times now I'll eat oats and berries as a snack, things like that. Also, my portion sizes don't have to be as big now, which is a really good thing for me. My results were also aided with gym, because when I saw how much I had gained, I went back to UK football training mode. Even with the gym, my energy levels were still ok. For me, I increased the size of my salad a little, and had more oats, just because of my size and of the workouts I was doing. Other than that I just followed everything and had no problems. I think this one was easier than the 21 Day Cleanse, maybe because I don't eat egg. So for me it wasn't too bad. You get an occasional craving for meat (pause), but nothing too bad. Definitely would recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight, feel healthy, control their portion size, etc. Good job bro, definitely will promote the Vegan.

- DeMarcus Allen

I have heard of "cleanse" diets before, and they seem more like starvation diets. What are your thoughts on that?

You will 100% absolutely EAT on this plan. The 21 Day Vegan was built to make sure that people know EXACTLY what they are consuming and to be able to stay right at their target for daily caloric intake. You will eat not just because you are bored, but you will eat the appropriate amount for your age, height, weight, sex, and activity level.

What will I feel like during the 21 Day Vegan?

Anytime that you are stripping your body away from unwanted materials, there will be a tendency to dip in low energy levels. This will be the case during the first couple days of the first week. Once your body starts adjusting to the reduced calories, as well as the strategic order of fruits, carbohydrates, fats, and/or vegetables, you should feel more energized. During the third week there is a tendency to be very irritable for eating the same thing every day, but changing each 7 days.


So, what are the meals like?

They are the exact same meal everyday per week. For example, Sunday - Friday you will eat the exact same thing every day until the following Sunday, where your diet will change. So basically, you get a new menu at the beginning of each week. We strongly recommend the use of a juicer or blender to prepare certain portions of the 21 Day Vegan.

What if I start losing too much weight?

You have two choices: Either you can go ahead and stop with the 21 Day Vegan, or you can change your daily energy requirement and add more calories based on the nutrition calculator link that comes with the plan.


I'm thirsty. How much water can I drink?

Drink as much as you'd like.

What about coffee?

Coffee is of course calories that you will need to incorporate into your plan. FOR THE BEST RESULTS... skip it.


I'm supposed to go out. What about alcohol?

FOR THE BEST RESULTS, pass on alcohol for the 21 days, or drink completely in moderation. I have told previous 21 Day Veganers to try to limit their drinking to one night a week and to just have a couple of social drinks. Never drink to get drunk during the 21 days.

I have allergies. Can I still do the 21 Day Vegan?

Contact us with any allergy concerns and for any substitutions that you may need prior to starting the plan. Expect a turnaround time of 24 - 48 hours for a response.


How do I redeem my Coupon Code?

After purchasing your program, complete our Contact Form including your full name and email address used to purchase the program, Coupon Code, and a Message stating that you purchased the program and would like to redeem the Coupon. The amount of the coupon will be refunded to you via your same method of payment.

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The voting process will begin on day one and last until day 29 of each month. The contestants eligible for voting will be 5 clients chosen from the previous month who have completed their program & followed all photo submission guidelines with the best results, as judged by 21-DaysLater. For example, if you complete one of the programs in January, you will be in the running during February to be selected for voting. You must submit your before and after photos by the 29th of the month of completion so that voting can begin on the first of the following month.

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